Kata for Daily Improvement

3 x 3 hour live virtual classroom sessions with your expert instructor 
2 x 2-hour Gemba focused practical homework assignments
2 x 1 hour virtual coaching sessions with instructor  (1-2-1 or 1-2-Company)
Total time
15 hours over
three weeks
  • Session 1: Wednesday 10th February 2021 – 08:30 EST / 13:30 GMT  (3 hours)
  • Session 2: Wednesday 17th February 2021 -08:30 EST / 13:30 GMT  (3 hours)
  • Session 3: Wednesday 24th February 2021 -08:30 EST / 13:30 GMT  (3 hours)

Delivered by Kata expert Drew Locher, this course will enable you to increase your own and companies’ effectiveness in coaching and supporting your colleagues on the Lean journey.

  • Learn how to apply Kata Coaching in your organisation
  • Help people become comfortable with change and strive for new challenges
  • Improve the problem solving and continuous improvement abilities of your people by developing your own training and coaching skills based on Kata
  • Teach a systematic, scientific way of developing your colleague’s own solutions

Learn the Kata Routines:

Coaching Kata – Learn a set of coaching routines to help develop effective coaching habits. Learn the methodology of how to manage, support, monitor and initiate team-based improvement activities through instruction and simulation.

Key learning:
  •  Learn Coaching Kata with Kata expert Drew Locher.
  •  Learn the methodology of how to manage, support, monitor and initiate team-based improvement activities.
  • Empower your employees, to develop scientific ways of developing their own solutions.
  • Increase sustainability: learn the techniques of Toyota and daily continuous improvement.
The Benefits:
  • Transform your management approach to coaching by encouraging, advising and mentoring colleagues through Coaching Kata.
  • Develop and utilise the capability of colleagues to consistently work towards new levels of performance.
  • Empower workers to handle dynamic, unpredictable situations, and make improvements every day.

Session 1:

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

9th Feb 2021
13:30-16:30 London Time / 08:30-11:30 New York Time
  • Lean Thinking and the Kata Methodology
  • Making the Case for Kata
  • An Overview of Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata
  • Improvement with Purpose: Establishing Direction
  • Visual Thinking Devices for Improvement:  Creating Storyboards
  • A Necessary First Step: Grasping Current Conditions
  • Putting Improvement Kata to Work: Practical Application

Session 2:

Developing Improvement Skills in Others

16th Feb 2021
13:30-16:30 London Time / 08:30-11:30 New York Time
  • Defining a Path: Setting Target Conditions
  • Experimenting Your Way to Your Goals: Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)
  • Helping Others Help Themselves: Coaching Kata
  • Developing Critical Thinkers: The Socratic Method
  • From Developing Skills to Creating Habits Through Deliberate Practice
  • Putting Coaching Kata to Work: Practical Application

Session 3:

Deploying Kata in Your Organisation

23rd Feb 2021
13:30-16:30 London Time / 08:30-11:30 New York Time
  • Developing Coaching Capacity
  • The Role of Second Coaches
  • Effective Deployment Strategies
  • Developing Your Deployment Plan: Practical Application
  • Presentations and Feedback
  • Wrap-up

Drew Locher

Shingo prize winning author
and international kata expert

Drew is an expert trainer on Kata, who works with professionals across the world to develop their skills in training and coaching improvement activity. In the UK, he is True North Excellence’ most highly rated trainer. His informal style and wealth of knowledge inspires, educates and provides relevant, high quality insights.



£ 645

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  • PAY BEFORE 22nd January 2021



£ 795

+VAT Per Delegate

  • BOOKED AFTER Friday 22nd January 2021



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The use of practical KATA simulation really helped with the understanding of the theory, Drew was extremely helpful in teaching and patient in his approach

G. WakefieldSenior Manager, Manufacturing Operations, Hologic